CJ'07 is now officially over.
See the Jamboree Photo Memories (over 2,000 and counting!)

The following information remains available as a reference for future canadian jamboree organizers and participants. I hope that our experience will go on to help others as they prepare for what is nothing short of an adventure of a lifetime!

See you at the 11th Canadian Jamboree (CJ'07) at Tamaracouta Scout Reserve in Quebec!

Scouter Michael Milette
27th & 29th Nepean Scout Troop
Blue Springs Subcamp, CJ Unit #644

"Scouting with a Purpose"

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Tips & General Information

  1. If you haven't done so already, PLEASE get your Physical Fitness/Consent Form back to Scouter Pamela (unit #871) or Scouter Michael (unit #644) as soon as possible. It is now becoming urgent that we get these forms back as soon as possible. IMPORTANT: Be sure to indicate if your child is for any reason unable to take certain non-prescription medications such as Tylenol, Advil or Asperin.
  2. Wondering where you are going to be camping at CJ? Look for the Blue Springs Subcamp on the following map: http://www.scouts.ca/cj07/images/Tamaracouta_CJ07Map.gif
  3. Let your friends in other units/groups know how to find you at CJ by sharing your subcamp and unit number with them.
  4. In addition to the activity list are the Blue Springs sub-camp activities as well as the many other common jamboree activities not yet to been disclosed. Hope you're ready for an unforgettable week!
  5. For a sneak peak at the waterpark you will be visiting, check the website http://www.mssi.ca/en/st_sauveur_waterpark/16/
  6. Practice some of thegreat recipes in the Camp Cookbook at home.
  7. Listen to CJAM radio, Jamming with Toucs and participate in cool CJ contests and challenges! Parents and friends can email the radio station with various wishes by sending an email to cj07radiostation@hotmail.com

Packing Tips: June 18

Packing Tips: June 25

Packing Tips: July 2

Packing Tips: July 9

Packing Tips: July 15

Before Leaving

Make sure your scout understands... (July 15)

Departure and Return Arrival Information (July 25)

NOTE: Confirm the bussing schedule the day before you leave on the web at:

WHO: Our units #644 and #871

WHERE: Drop off and Pickup will be from St. John the Apostle at 2340 Baseline Road, Nepean.

DEPARTURE: You must be there no later than 8:00 AM on Wednesday July 25

RETURN: Estimated time of return will be between 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM on Thursday August 2nd. We hope to have a better idea of our return time on the day of departure.

A few notes to make your trip more pleasant:

Unit#644 Official Activity List

Members of unit #644, our official list of activities is in!

For details, please refer to the CJ'07 Jamboree Program Book available on-line at: http://www.scouts.ca/cj07/images/Program%20Booklet%20(final).pdf
Members of unit #871 should contact Scouter Pamela for their schedule.

Water - Essential to Life

Water, who needs it? We all do. But how do we know if we are drinking enough?

Please go over the following with your scout before CJ:

Your Personal First Aid Kit

Here are some suggestions for making your own small personal first aid kit:

* Check, these items are often found on your pocket knife.

The unit will also have a more complete first aid kit. Anything requiring attention beyond first aid will be dealt with by on-site paramedics.

Sunday Visits - July 29

Family members can visit CJ'07 participants on Sunday July 29 in the morning only. As there is absolutely no parking at Camp Tamaracouta, all visitors are asked to go to Ski Mont Olympia (the same place all units must go to on arrival) to meet up with our mascot Toucs, and get picked up by our shuttle bus.

(See directions to Ski Mont Olympia below)

The bus departs from Ski Mont Olympia at 8:30 am sharp!

Cost of bus and parking of car: FREE

Toucs, our friendly mascot, will come and greet you at the parking lot and ride the bus with you back to camp, asking you to sign our sign-in sheet.

It is a 20-minute bus ride so you should be with your loved ones at Camp Tamaracouta by 9 am.

Onsite, you will visit with your family member and they can show you around. Bring some money to eat at the canteens or buy souvenirs in our trading post during your visit.

The bus will leave the camp at 1 pm (13h00) to bring visitors back to the parking lot of Ski Mont Olympia.

Right now we expect to fill one bus (48 seats). Please indicate to us if you are coming to visit by sending an email to tbeaulieu@scouts.ca so we can plan for the right number of visitors. (And please tell the participant/your child/spouse you are coming to facilitate your reunion! We will not be able to locate them as it is “free time”.)

Please note that we cannot accept visitors to the Jamboree at any other time during the week as there is NO parking on site.

Thank you for supporting scouting in our centennial year! We look forward to your visit on Sunday.

Directions to Parking Lot at Ski Mont Olympia
330 Chemin de la Montagne, Piedmont, Quebec

From Ottawa (Google Maps):

  1. Travel to Lachute (Quebec) – you can cross into Quebec through Hawkesbury and take Hwy 148 to get there
  2. From Lachute, take Autoroute 50 (travel for 39 km)
  3. Merge onto Autoroute 15 via the ramp to Saint-Jérôme (travel for 22.5 km)
  4. From Autoroute 15 take exit #57.
  5. Go RIGHT at end of off-ramp.
  6. Turn LEFT at lights onto Boulevard des Laurentides, Highway 117 North. (Travel 3.8 km)
  7. Turn RIGHT at Chemin Gare. (Travel 0 .6 km)
  8. Turn RIGHT at stop sign onto Chemin Montagne. (Travel 1.2 km)
  9. The parking lot is on your right at Ski Mont Olympia

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